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New improved designs!

I have made some revisions of most circuit boards that I have been selling. Here is a little summary of the improvements,

The 6×1 has gotten a lot improved performance on the higher bands and then mainly 6m. I believe the current performance is among the best on the market if not the best.

The 6×2 has got mainly easier to build. It is custom made for a standard type of box that does exist from various manufacturers. It has also got a new interlock board that can be mounted directly on top of the 6×2 RF-board with some longer standoffs. It has got slightly improved isolation performance and improved insertion loss. The compensation coil has now gotten an own spot on the circuit board as well. It should now work also on 6m with good performance.

The stacker has gotten some improvement mainly when using a single antenna. The insertion loss has been lowered with better RF-design and it is also easier to build now when there is no need to solder jumper wires as previously.

And there is also a “new” addition soon of a high isolation AB selector switch. This is built similar as a single port of a 6×2 switch that can be used to expand the antenna switch system to four radios or it can be used together with two 6×1 switches to create a 6×2 with extremely high isolation.