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6×1 antenna switch

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These are normally built on request and will have a lead-time of about 2-3 weeks. Sometimes they might be in stock which can be seen in the stock status.

The 6×1 is an antenna switch which has got 6 antenna outputs which can be routed to one radio input. When an antenna output is not used it is grounded which is good against static discharges such as lightning strikes etc. The performance is the best on the ham radio market and can handle up to 5kW with good VSWR.

The box is precision CNC milled with the text engraved so that there is no risk that the markings of the ports will disappear because of UV-light. The boxes are powder coated black with IP65 rating and have a vent which helps to keep moisture away. All connectors have PTFE (teflon) insulation. All switches have been developed with high end network analyzers that give reliable results.

The device uses positive switching, which means all the relays use common ground. So to enable an antenna you would add a voltage of +12V on the control line. 7 leads are needed to control the box, so a network cable is perfect to switch it. No control box is included.

Isolation 50 MHz, -55dB
Isolation 28 MHz, -60dB
Isolation 14 MHz, -70dB

VSWR < 1.04:1 on 1.8 – 50 MHz

Insertion loss < -0.04dB

Power rating (1.8-30 MHz, SWR <1.3:1) 5kW
Power rating (1.8-30 MHz, SWR <2:1) 2.5kW
Power rating (1.8-30 MHz, SWR <3:1) 1.5kW
Power rating 50 MHz 2.5kW

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